Borrow My Brain

Borrow My Brain

We ‘talk’ Brands and Stories

BMB Borrow my Brain Consulting is on a mission to transfer Branding, Marketing, and Communications’ know-how to business owners, communicators, agencies, and talent to help them re-charge their plans in the Economy 4.0.
The Lead Consultant is Tasos Pagakis for his pen, advice and actionable insights. The BMB team shepherds Brands with expert know-how and actionable Ideas into Growth. We work in the foundations. How Brands look, talk and behave off-and-online.You can ask “Borrow my Brain” Brand consulting sessions, Content creation, Storytelling workshops, and advisory sessions.
How can we help your Brand stand-out?
We advise, strategize, plan, and work for your long-term successful Brand. In every word, we connect and inspire Audiences, Emotions, Growth. We read a lot. We analyze surveys. We are strategic, but we only express in Consumer ways. We give you Clarity and Purpose to define new paths against the competition.
Is your Brand story clear and inspiring?
We infuse your Brand, Marketer or Agency, with the art of Storytelling. We deliver signature narratives that go beyond the copies for a website, or a mere presentation. There’s no corporate, FMCG, or online. There’s an audience, an offering, a perception to bridge in our copy craftsmanship.
Do your online Consumers come back?
We show our Clients how to keep online Consumers coming back to the online Brand places. We plan online interactions based on technology insights and meaningful experiences for your Customer! Reaching the new generation of connected audiences don’t just happen by luck or improvisations.


Borrow My Brain


23 January 2015


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