Master Social Media Marketing & Ads Course

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Master Social Media Marketing & Ads Course
Duration: 16 Hours | 4 Day Course
Course Language: Greek
Location: KEAK | El.Venizelou 104, Kallithea, Athens, GR

In this KEAK Business Course you will learn how to master:

Facebook Marketing
YouTube Marketing
Instagram Marketing
Pinterest Marketing
LinkedIn Marketing
Twitter Marketing
Quora Marketing

What are the requirements?
To have a Computer or a Smartphone with you, for immediate support from us!

What am I going to get from this course?
-Targeted Audience
-Learn all the Secrets to Grow Your Business Using Social Media Marketing
-Create Engaging Content on 7 Different Social Media Platforms
-Advertise on 7 Different Platforms
-Digital Marketing Tools

What is the target audience?
-Entrepreneurs Wanting to Grow Their Business With Social Media Marketing
-Bloggers Looking to Grow Their Audience With Social Media Marketing
-Small Business Owners - Online & Offline
-Anyone Looking To Learn In-Demand Well Paid Advertising Skills
-Anyone Wanting to Master Social Media

Facebook Marketing
Section 1
Introduction to Facebook Marketing
Boost Likes
Create Page
Profile Image
Cover Image
About Section
First Post
7 Ways to Get Likes
Group Networking
Facebook Live
Manage Roles
Facebook Insights

Section: 2
Facebook Ads: Beginner-Advanced
Before We Begin
Set Up Ads Account
Boost Post
Create the First Ad
Location & Demographics
Interests, Behaviors & Connections
Styling Ads
Write Ads That Sells
Place Ad Order
Ads Terms
Improve Ads
Facebook Pixel
Website Custom Audience
Email Custom Audience
Page Engagement Custom Audience
Video Views Custom Audience
Lookalike Audience
Page Likes With Custom Audiences
Video Ads
Lead Ads
Dynamic Ads For E-commerce
Collection Ads For E-Commerce
Offer Claims
Reach Ads For Local Awareness
Event & Event Response Ads
Conversion Ads
Messages Ads
Ads Manager Functions
Split Testing
Cost Per Results
Business Manager
Facebook Adverts Manager App

Section: 3
Facebook Ads - e-commerce Course – NEW FOR GREECE
Create a Facebook Page
Create Facebook Advert Account
Install Facebook Pixel
Create Your First Ad
Detailed Targeting
Finishing The Ad
Split Testing
Ads Manager
Ad Sets
How to Scale
Ad Creative Example

Section: 4
YouTube Marketing
Introduction Youtube Marketing
Drive Traffic
Keyword Research
Business Account
Icon - Description - Details
Channel Art
Channel Tags
YouTube SEO
Verify Account
End Screen
Manage Comments
Owners and Managers

Section: 5
Youtube Ads
YouTube Ads
Google Ads

Section: 6
Instagram Marketing
Introduction Instagram Marketing
Ways to Engage
Business Profile
Facebook Page
Optimize Profile
Success Formula
Content Strategy
Story Poll
Story Type
Highlight Stories
Style It
Post Times
The Checklist

Section: 7
Instagram Ads

Section: 8
Pinterest Marketing
Why Use Pinterest
Create a Business Profile
Model Influencers
Profile SEO
Claim Website
Create a Design - Board - Pin
Get Targeted Followers
Collect Pins and Boards

Pinterest Ads – NEW FOR GREECE
Why Pinterest Ads Work
Set Campaign
Set Ad Group
Set Ad Pin

Section: 10
LinkedIn Marketing
Optimize Profile
Why Use a Background Image
Add Information
Connect With People
Write an Article
Export Connections Information
Company Page

Section: 11
LinkedIn Ads
Advertising on LinkedIn
Set Content & Audience
Set Budget & Schedule

Section: 12
Twitter Marketing
Find Customers
Create Account
Profile Image - Bio-Link
Header Photo
Follow Top Influencers
How to Get Followers
How to Communicate
Create a Poll
Get More Retweets

Section: 13
Twitter Ads

Section: 14
Quora Marketing
Introduction Quora
Get Sales - Leads - Traffic
Content Ideas
Optimize Profile
Build a Question List

Section: 15
Set Campaign
Set Ad
Create Ad & Dashboard

Course Cost
€100 Early Bird until 05.11.2018 | Register HERE...
€90 KEAK Member’s
€250 Booking

Valid Certification Course

Course Director: Gerasimos Tzamarelos,Ph.D

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