Driving Digital and Social Strategy

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Driving Digital and Social Strategy
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About the course
To effectively compete in today's digital landscape, firms must leverage digital and social platforms that make it easier for consumers to access relevant and timely information, connect with people they care about, and willingly engage in brand-building behavior. This timely program is designed to help you make digital and social media a powerful part of your overall business strategy.
In this timely program, you'll discuss case studies of social and digital leaders such as Facebook, Adidas, and Sports Management Center. To connect classroom discussions with your current challenges, each day will include an interactive wrap-up session designed for collaborative learning.
This program has been carefully designed to cover four key themes: rethinking customers and industries; designing social and digital strategy; implementing digital and social strategies; and developing organizational capabilities.
This program provides a fundamental analysis of how to think about your customers and industry differently, and a framework to help you design digital and social strategies.

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