Strategic Human Resource Management

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Strategic Human Resource Management

The role of HR management within contemporary organisations has evolved. No longer driven by the day-to-day requirements of administrative responsibilities, Human Resource Managers now need to function as a vital partner within a business, strategically shaping both culture and leadership within the workplace.
This MSc programme seeks to equip graduates with the skills required to question and examine the role their own HR department plays, and to position themselves as an essential strategic partner within a complex global environment, capable of implementing positive steps to improve management performance, employee engagement and leadership development.

This course helps you develop academically and professionally through professional skills workshops held throughout the course. This enhances your future employment potential. We host a number of networking events with the local HR community, enabling our students to meet with local employers and HR professionals.

Teaching and Learning: KEAK offers a great environment for studying Human Resource Management. We have a track record of excellence in teaching, learning and research and you will be supported in your studies and beyond.

You will study eight compulsory modules and an additional module which provides you with practical experience of human resource management practice.
Human Resource Management in Context:
This will develop your understanding of the main internal and external environmental situations within which organisations operate. You will compare the role of the Human Resource (HR) manager with other functions to show how these integrate with general management and drive organisational success.
Leading, Managing and Developing People:
You will become familiar with research evidence on employment and effective approaches to human resource (HR) and learning and development (L&D) practice. You will consider significant debates in leadership, flexibility and change management to help you become an effective manager and HR specialist. You will learn to manage others effectively and increase levels of engagement, commitment, motivation and performance.
Resourcing, Talent and Performance Management:
A major objective of the human resources function is the mobilisation of a workforce. Organisations can only function if they are able to assemble teams of people with the necessary skills to meet their goals and retain effective performers. This module focuses on the practical aspects of recruitment, selection, employee retention and exiting. You will develop the knowledge and skills required for resourcing and talent management within a global context. You will also gain an understanding of how performance management can support the strategic objectives of an organisation, how the performance of people can be enhanced and inspired by leadership, and how it contributes to high-performance work organisations.
Managing Employment Relations:
This will develop your understanding of managing employment relations within a global business. Employment relations is a changing subject which is influenced by external factors (political and economic) and internal factors (management and management style). You will explore the impact of different national environments on employment and the roles of different stakeholders in employment relation systems. You will also critically review employment relations in an organisation and make suggestions to drive improvements to Human Resource Management. This module includes a practical skills workshop.
Organisational Design and Organisational Development:
This will enable you to acquire an understanding of organisations with particular reference to job design, cultural dynamics, organisational change, leadership, power and politics. The module will develop expertise in organisational development (OD) aspects of HR management.
International Human Resource Management (IHRM):
This module develops your understanding of the theoretical origins of HRM. You will explore the links between business strategy and international HRM, and study the relationship between achieving strategic objectives and the implementation of appropriate and coherent HR strategies. As the pace of globalisation has gathered momentum, IHRM is now a discipline in its own right, attracting attention from researchers and practitioners.
Developing Skills for Business Leadership
Human Resource Management in Practice:
This provides the opportunity to visit a range of organisations and learn about Human Resource Management (HRM) in practice.
Researching Organisations:
This module prepares you for completing high quality, systematic business and management research, drawing upon a range of secondary and primary data sources in preparation for your coursework. You will be introduced to a range of tools required for research including methodological issues, data collection techniques and study skills.

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